The AccuFab-L4D impresses with a large printing platform while simultaneously convincing with a small and compact body. The simple but modern and lightweight design enables easy and userfriendly operation providing users at all stages of digital dental experience a smoothening of their respective printing application.
Large format, high quality
The 192*120 mm print layout, with 4K high resolution, meets the needs of dental users for efficiency and detail at the same time.
Minimum investment – maximum upgrade
Compared with many large-platform 3D printers, the AccuFab-L4D weighs only 19 kg.
AccuFab-L4D has been designed to become dentists and dental technician´s lightweight, compact and economical companion, helping them to achieve digital transformation and workflow upgrade with light investment.

User-friendly and easy to operate

The AccuWare printing software, independently developed by SHINING 3D, helps the user to navigate easily and independently through the whole digital manufacturing process from plan to print. The software is designed to support intelligent layout, one-click support generation and oneclick printing, empowering even 3D printing newbies to confidently start manufacturing their dental projects in-house.
Wide range of materials and applications SHINING DENT, SHINING 3D´s self-developed range of dental 3D printing materials, provides a wide range of options for a broad array of dental 3D printing applications.
The AccuFab-L4D supports the printing of working models, implant guides, orthodontic models, individual trays and other types of professional dental applications improving the efficiency of denture making and realizing efficient treatment in one visit.
In order to popularize the digital treatment and production process, AccuFab-L4D incorporates a number of user-friendly features: from nesting and slicing to equipment maintenance operations.
AccuFab-L4D is designed to make it easy to print even for first-timers and thus creating an impactful appeal of 3D printing technologies in the dental industry.
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