The inaugural lecture "Dentist in Africa" promises to be very interesting. It will be led by Konrad Rylski - the originator of the project, under which Polish dentists have been volunteering for Africa for years. - Never before has any job given me as much satisfaction as the one made to enable people living in Africa to get the help of a dentist. - said the special guest of the fair after returning from the first expedition to the Black Continent. Many years have passed since then, and Mr. Konrad constantly organizes further expeditions during which he helps the local population.
We invite you on April 11 (Thursday) at 10:30 to the Vienna B room.


During this year's edition of KRAKDENT®, for the first time there will be a social campaign aimed at promoting oncological vigilance among dentists. It is dentists who should become primary care physicians in identifying suspicious lesions in the mouth and thus protect the health and lives of many patients. This will be the largest campaign popularizing the role of dentists in identifying potentially carcinogenic changes in the mouth of the patient, as the KRAKDENT® attracts over 16,000 dentists annually.
The #IamOncologicallyAware campaign was prepared jointly with the Foundation to fight the oral cancer "With a smile through life" together with the substantive partners: the Integrated Dentistry Department and the Department of Periodontology and Clinical Oral Pathology at the Institute of Dentistry of the Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicum.
More information on the campaign page.


The DENTOHELP charity event will be held again this year. Thanks to the commitment of the Exhibitors, the beneficiaries of the Małopolska orphanages will receive oral hygiene equipment again.
More information on the event page.

4. KRAKDENT MeetUp Stage

The KRAKDENT MeetUp Stage (Dunajec Hall) is the novelty of this year's edition, where numerous meetings and presentations will take place. This place will certainly appeal to all those who care about updating and gaining knowledge.
Scene program

5. ... and on the KRAKDENT MeetUp Stage FASHION SHOW MEDORA by EVA MINGE

Medical uniforms do not have to be boring. The guest of the trade fair will be Eva Minge - a world-renowned fashion designer. On the first day of the KRAKDENT® (April 11, note change of hours !!! - 2.45 pm) visitors will be able to take part in the Medora fashion show by Eva Minge. It will take place on the KRAKDENT MeetUp Stage in the Dunajec Hall. During the show, a collection of medical clothing will be presented, which is the effect of cooperation between the designer and the Medora brand.


For those who like to combine knowledge with good fun, Dentonet.pl has prepared something that has not yet been available at dental trade fairs in our country. It is "Dentoexpress", a unique trade fair game, during which everyone willing - at designated Partner stands - will perform skills and special tasks demanding knowledge and cunning. For each correctly performed task, participants will receive stickers for which they will be able to collect attractive prizes funded by sponsors.


The KRAKDENT® Trade Fair has a rich training program: KRAKDENT-edu, the Dental Spaghetti Congress, conferences and training of companies organized in seminar halls during the fair and numerous workshops at the stands. An impressive number of industry novelties, among which we can find everything: from units, scanners through surgical tools, materials and preparations used during treatments after the latest generation technologies supporting doctors in their daily work. It's all waiting for those guests who want to expand their knowledge and exchange experience.
And believe us, it is still not everything. See you at EXPO Krakow on KRAKDENT!