WARNING! The offer is addressed to Exhibitors that have ordered build-up space!

We would like to offer you our PREMIUM stand – this offer is prepared fo stands that hava following sizes: 6, 9 and 12 sq m – row or corner stands.

If your stand's dimensions are different and you are still interested in the PREMIUM stand please contact:

Jakub Szatan

What do you get thanks to PREMIUM option, beside standard stand construction:

- illuminated pillars (2 pcs MAXIMA systems) in red, green or blue color

- 1x1 storage room with lockable folding doors

- curved counter with a shelf

- hoker (bar stool)

- special fascia board

- a colored foil (red, green or blue) on the panels - counters, fascia board and bottom of the walls

- logo on fascia board

- red, green or blue carpeting

Visualization and price offer for selected items (different colors available: burgundy or blue):


6 sq m row stand

Price: 1770 NET

9 sq m row stand

Price: 1985 NET

12 sq m row stand

Price: 2190 NET


6 sq m corner stand

Price: 1905 NET

9 sq m corner stand

Price: 2080 NET

12 sq m corner stand

Price: 2255 NET



To order please contact: